Frequently asked questions

Few Points to observe before visiting your auto-care:

a. When your bike's chain gets loose very often.

b. When the adjusting point of the chain is at the very end.

c. The life of chain sprocket set usually lasts not more than 10 thousand kilometers (15-20 thousand kilometers, if you have really maintained your bike) .



1. Regular cleaning and lubricating the set. 

2. Using spray of good company to lubricate the chain-sprocket.

3. Not using the low-quality (sub-standard) chain sprocket set for cheaper price available in the market.



1. If somebody is suggesting you to decrease the size of chain of your bike, you need to be very very careful about it because there is a great chance of your chain being snapped in the middle of the road. You might face a serious mishap.

2. You should always consult an auto-care that you trust fully before replacing any original spare of your bike.

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